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More than just a diamond specialist, we are a team of dedicated specialist to get you the best, from natural and lab diamonds to gemstones to designer jewellery, because we care enough to curate only the best for you at one of the most affordable price.

You get all these premium treatment with us. Just look at the testimonies from happy clients.

Hello From Founder

From the first sight of opal’s rolling flashes of light to the dazzling diamond’s dance of light, it captivated the awe and imagination of our founder, Mr. Winston Tai, setting him on a path in pursuit of rare precious gems and stunning diamonds, creating beautiful pieces that accentuate the beauty of the stone.

With his values of total knowledge, total commitment and total honesty, he became one of the first few to graduate from GIA in Asia.

Today, as a designer and company managing director of Diamondlite, he puts his hand and heart into every creation, ensuring that the same eye for the details he has cultivated in diamonds is used to craft all jewellery he touches.

Diamondlite was awarded SME achiever’s award in 2014. But the best award comes from satisfied and happy customers. And most of them became life long friends.


Mr. Winston Tai
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