Frequently Asked Questions

Due to daily wear, dirt and dust may be accumulated on your ring, hence it may look a little dull. To clean it, wash it with warm water, and a gentle scrub with a soft bristle toothbrush. Then pat dry with a dry towel. It will look bright and sparkly again.

You can also choose to send it in to us for a periodic check and maintenance and to give your ring a more thorough cleaning, which is complementary for our clients.  

The ring is made strong and secure enough for daily wear. However, we recommend that you keep the ring in a safe place when doing strenuous activities, contact sports, gardening, in the gym and swimming.

To keep the ring in pristine state, it is advisable not to expose it to perfume and household cleaning agents, as they may be corrosive. Clean your ring occasionally with a jewellery cloth. 

Our silver is made with a special alloy that is tarnish resistant and coated with a thick layer of white gold so that it will retain its sheen for a long time. 

Dust and dirt may accumulate over a period of time due to daily wear. We recommend that you clean it occasionally with a soft bristle toothbrush in warm water. The idea is to dissolve and dislodge any grim and dirt. Rinse it under running water and make sure you pat dry your silver jewellery. 

Every diamond ring is subjected to vigorous tests of workmanship and quality, and it comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. In a rare event, should you notice any imperfection or defect, we will repair or replace free of charge if it is determined that it is due to manufacturing process.

Should you diamond ring had an accidently hard knock or shock, or if you notice your diamond is loose, store in a safe box, and send it back to us for examination. After assessing the ring, you will be informed the service needed and the estimate quotes. Repair work will be rendered in a timely manner after we have received your confirmation.

With technology at hand, you can view the diamond in a magnified 3D video. You no longer need to be a jeweler or learn how to use a 10x loupe to examine the diamond. Now you can evaluate the diamond at the comfort of your home, and pick the diamond that you desire

Knowing diamond grading is a great place to start. If should you decide to go for fuss free experience and enjoy our curated service, our team visually examines each diamond looking for the best Cut, Brilliance, Fire and best Value. This is how we go Beyond the 4Cs.