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Lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory using advanced technology and are chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds.

Unfortunately, there are many in the market that presents Cubic Zirconia as lab grown diamonds. They are but synthetic diamond that is made of different material than diamond. It is important for consumers to be aware of this distinction so they can make an informed decision

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  • Lab diamonds are real diamond created in the lab. It has the same physical, visual and chemical properties as the natural diamonds.

    Lab grown diamonds consist of carbon atoms arranged in the diamond crystal structure, just like the natural diamond.

  • There are a few methods used to create lab-grown diamonds. Typically, lab-grown diamonds start with a tiny lab diamond, like a seed. The seeds are placed in a chamber called a plasma reactor. Depending on the technology, the crystals are grown layer by layer using a combination of heat, pressure, and a carbon supply.

  • It takes about 2 weeks to grow a 1.00ct size lab diamond. While natural diamonds are formed in nature over the course of millions of years.

  • Yes they are conflict free, as they are created in the lab. For both the natural and lab grown diamond, we have worked hard to ensure that the whole process is conflict free, from the source to the polishing and cutting of the diamond to the time they reach you.

  • Professional jewellers and gemmologists are unable to distinguish a lab-created diamond from a natural one simply by looking at it. However, there are specially created instruments that are able to detect the difference between the natural and lab grown diamond.

  • Yes they do! Because they are real diamonds.

  • They will never lose the shine or sparkly. Once in a while they will get dirty from the hand lotion or oil. Just clean it with a jewellery/spectacle cloth, or wash it with liquid detergent in warm water, scrub it with toothbrush and then rinse under water. It will be good as new.

  • Natural diamond holds intrinsic value. It has been proven that diamond value increases every year, due to the lack of high quality diamond rough.
    In Diamondlite, you get the best value from our carefully selected diamonds.

  1. Example a natural round diamond 1.01ct DVS2 = S$15,300/-
    A lab grown diamond 1.01ct DVS2 = S$2,500 (most Jewelers will offer at S$3500 to S$5,000).

    It is also a good choice for those who want high end fashion jewellery that are mounted with real diamonds.

  • Diamondlite stones (zirconium dioxide) are specially made and cut to look like real

    diamonds. They are one of the most affordable diamond simulant (meaning look alike).

    Diamondlite stones have different properties compared to lab grown diamond, but they are so well cut, that most jewellers cannot tell the difference. So it is a good alternative to diamonds for fashion jewellery

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