Eleanor 1.80ct White Gold Ring


A row of Pavé diamonds leading up to the center piece, an Ideal Cut diamond. A timeless piece for all times.

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Minimalistic design that showcase the diamond in its full brillancy. Each diamond is carefully handpicked by our team of experts, so you need not have to do the guess work. At Diamondlite, we know what you want, Ideal cut diamond with excellent brilliancy and great value.

18k rose gold ring with diamonds.

Carat weight: 1.80.

Clarity: SI1.

Colour: G.

Certificate: GIA.

Product SKU: R9793

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You can use our conversion chart to find out your corresponding ring size. In the case that your knuckles drastically differs in size compared to your finger, you will also have to measure your knuckles; choosing the size that falls in-between these two measurements.

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