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Ring Education

Mark On Paper

If you have a heavy sleeper on hand, this step should be easy! Using a thin strip of paper, carefully wrap it around your partner’s finger when they are asleep and fold back the access paper to mark it. Bring it down to a jeweler for a clearer estimation of ring size.


Consult Her Friends

Consult one of her best friend or a group of closes friends to get a sense of what type of ring design would be closer to your partner’s liking. If you’re lucky enough, one of her friends could even know what is her ring size!


Hand Stamp

For the more artsy, spontaneous couples out there, we recommend having a date together to create hand stamp arts under the pretence of wanting to create a cute art together, while you are able to gauge your partner’s ring size as you bring the art down to a jeweler. Not only that, both of you would also be able to enjoy a fun date!


Trace an existing ring commonly worn

Choose a ring your partner usually wears more often then the others, trace the inner diameter of the ring down on paper and note down which finger do they usually wear this ring at on a normal basis. Bring it down to a jeweler for a clearer estimation of ring size.


Hand Massage

Give her a hand massage in disguise for a rough estimation of her finger diameter! Be careful not to be caught!