Why Choose Us?

Quality in diamond selection

Diamonds are meant to be forever, and we wouldn’t want you to compromise in getting that right one. At Diamondlite, we will only recommend you the diamonds that we ourselves love. If we don’t like a diamond, we won’t recommend it. That’s a guarantee!

No overcharging, you get best value for your money

As much as we do not want to overpay for anything, we know you would not either. It is about getting the best value for your dollar.

As a partner of diamond cutting centres, we can offer you direct prices at great value. With no high overheads, it simply means that we can pass the savings to you.

Every diamond that pass through our hands, are checked for authenticity and graded against the certificate, so you will get exactly what you are paying for, nothing less.

Making informed choices

GIA is a good place to start learning about the 4 C’s, but that is not everything. As no two diamonds are the same, even with the same specifications and grading. Our team will only pick the one with a perfect balance of scintillation, sparkle and brightness.

As trained graduate diamondtaires from GIA, we will share our expertise, knowledge and explain every diamond characteristic in detail, helping you to find your ideal Diamond from our extensive inventory.

Fun and insightful experience

With us, shopping is a stress free and fun experience. Partnering with you, we work to get you the right diamond.

We treat our customers with respect and listen. No pushy sales personnel, no pressure, just simple, friendly recommendations.

A splendid shopping experience is what we promise.